Tezos is 1 year old! How we celebrated it in Montreal

As you may know, July 1st, 2019 is 1 year anniversary of the Tezos network launch. 

To honor this great anniversary, Tezos fans threw parties all around the world!

The parties were sponsored by the Tezos Foundation, Tocqueville Group, and Tezos Commons. It might be not too late to join a party in your area: Check out the list of all locations and dates.

Here, in Montreal, the local Tezos community followed the trend and had their own celebration.

It happened as an event organized by the Decentralized Web Montreal meetup

I could not miss this opportunity to connect with my fellow Tezos enthusiasts and joined it.

The event started with socializing and meeting other attendees.

Then, Zak, one of the event organizers, gave an introductory talk about Tezos and Liquid Proof-of-Stake.

Zak giving a talk

At the beginning of the presentation, he played a video recorded by a Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman:

Then, Zak went on talking about the Tezos history and technology.

Zak giving a talk

Here’s me, the food we had, and some cryptocurrency fans.


The meetup takes place in a building located in Old Port, Montreal.


Happy 1-year anniversary, Tezos! 🎉