Tezos Wallet Tezbox Review

Tezbox is my choice because:

  • Mature
  • Popular

However, the Android app has a rating of 3.3 only.

Creating a new wallet

How to create a wallet in the mobile app

  • Install
  • Create a new wallet
  • Write down your mnemonic phrase on a piece of paper
  • Create a PIN
  • Need the internet connection to finish the setup

After the setup, it seemed to go into the infinite “Please wait…” cycle. I re-enabled the internet but it did not help. I had to restart the app and this time, it worked fine.

However, the app did not work for me. Each time I tried to restore my wallet, it was creating a new account. Tried to restore the wallet in the online interface in different browsers, all 2 times worked just fine.

How to create a wallet on the website

Creating a new website based wallet interface:

  • Enter your private passphrase
  • Choose a new passphrase
  • Choose a password

Sending tezos from the wallet

Can input a custom wallet number or choose your address from the list of the accounts attached to the wallet.

Keep in mind that the operation can be rejected if the fees are not high enough:

If you see this error, try to increase your fees.


You need to create a KT account and it costs about 0.257XTZ. The fee goes to the network.

The wallet provides with a list of pre-set bakers.

If you see an error message about failed delegation and you are sure the account does delegation, try to increase your fees. It may help.

And that’s it. The wallet does not have anything else for the delegation.

More coming soon! Stay tuned!