Wondering if you can buy Tezos on and whether this platform is secure and safe to use? This review will help you to answer these questions!

Supported countries is open for Canadians to use.


  • 2-factor auth that is asked to be set up right after you get registered
  • IP binding when logging in (read about it here
  • A puzzle solving when logging in
  • Anti-phishing verification
    C:\Users\nadez\Dropbox\Online Business\LOC\CryptoC\ review\anti_phishing_verification_after_login.png
    • Allows to set up an Anti-phishing word sequence

Kyc (Identification)

Required to do anything (???) on the platform

KYC1: I submitted mine on Apr 2, 10:36 PM and got verified next morning

KYC2: Seems to be needed for withdrawal

Trade Tezos for Bitcoins

  • Convenient button – how much % of your balance you want to trade
    • I chose 100%
  • Choose the correct price or adjust it
    • I Chose lower price
  • When placing the order, type in your funding password
    • See screenshots

Withdraw XTZ

  • See screenshots
  • Requires double auth + fund password + bitcoin puzzle to solve
  • You will also get an email notification


  • Convenient to use


  • Security flaw: Seems like the platform never logs you out?
  • Customer service is not super friendly

More coming soon! Stay tuned!