Best Tezos Wallet

How to store your precious Tezos so that it is protected from hackers but is still easily available?

Here, we compare different wallets to see which one is the best Tezos wallet.

Questions to answer

This are the questions I asked myself when choosing the best cryptowallet:

  1. Do you plan to store your coins for a long time?
    1. If so, then consider a hardware wallet
  2. What platforms do you want to have access to your crypto wallet on?
    1. Win, Mac, mobile
    2. Web solution may be prone for phishing
  3. Any other cryptocurrencies supported?
  4. Do you plan to do delegation and/or trading?

Tezos wallets

Let’s see what Tezos wallets are available out there.
Here, we will take a look at 17 wallets where you can store Tezos.
To make it easier for you to understand which wallet you may need, I pulled together a few comparison tables.
First, let’s start with software vs hardware wallets.

WalletSoftware / HardwareHardware wallet support
Atomic Wallet


More coming soon! Stay tuned!